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Gene Head

I don't self publish...

So, you may never read my work. I disagree with some, or most book choices made by major publication houses these days. But I'm no expert. I seek interesting literature as a reader, and I don't often find it from the major players. I try to write as such, and I seek publication from smaller presses that are interested in risk taking.

Independent presses that stand for something are welcomed. I want to talk. Write me anytime:

Mailman, bank clerk, fiction writer

Over two decades, I’ve turned my hand to a bunch of jobs – I've lifted couches up stairwells, I've hammered tent pegs into showgrounds to hold up circus tents – I’ve widely explored the varied milieu of working life in Australia.

Experiences that lend a palpable grit to the characters in my work.

My writing style

Possibly a heady catalyst between the anti-establishment spirit of the Beat Generation and the transgressive fiction modern-day audiences love.

Featuring a surreal, darkly fascinating world of underdog personae and deviant deeds – counterpointed by sophisticated social commentary – blah blah blah.

“My current influences include, Mikhail BulgakovChuck PalahniukCharles Bukowski, and Franz Kafka. My work might be defined as Dirty Realism meets Magical Realism.” – Gene Head

Never one to choose a single creative pursuit when I can have two, I’m also a failed artist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration. If you don't know what a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration is, think of toilet paper, only thicker. My artwork has been featured in counterculture periodicals such as the popular American quarterly Tiki Magazine USA. Click for Artwork.


My writing creds

Selected short publications printed in:

  • Torpedo #6 The Bullet (Monkey Vs Falcon) AUS (pen name Joshua Okokin)
  • Yuck #7 (Milk Shadow Books) AUS (pen name Joshua Head).

Author of the following new novellas:

  • Kill Switch
  • Supercilious
  • The Orchard
  • Nudie Mag

Write to me and let's publish together: