Gene Head Novellas

As Yet Unpublished Bite-Sized Fiction

Kill Switch

Seeking Publication

When Elmo befriends a shy racing greyhound his life should be warm with companionship, yet despite his best efforts his new lady dog, Kill Switch, is giving him the cold shoulder. Even still, he’s drawn to her like a man to a siren’s call in the glow of her light bulb eyes (that no one else cares to notice).

His day job at the fishing docks has become tedious, and Elmo needs money to quit, so when he discovers how lightning fast Kill Switch can run, the pair come to a provisional agreement and make their fortune at the track.

Focusing on their scheme with a narrow sight, Elmo stumbles blindly through a flaming gauntlet of personal problems. Soon his neighbour’s wife is siphoning electricity from his power box, he suspects his own girlfriend of poisoning him, and he’s got to admit he’s being stalked by hallucinations of menstrual blood rivers.

Elmo knows Kill Switch could be the only female in his life not sending him mad, but even she won’t let him pet her!