Gene Head Novellas

As Yet Unpublished Bite-Sized Fiction


Seeking Publication

In a remote Queensland town, Elmo is forced to drudge through a fish tank cleaning job at Australia’s only Outback Aquarium. Boozing his way through employment duties, he barely tolerates a girlfriendcolleagues, and a public too doltish to respect.

When his boss fires him for misconduct, Elmo gets the last laugh by stealing the prize attraction; a 400-centimetre Giant Pacific Octopus named Fakhruddin. Keeping the monster in his shallow bathtub, Elmo celebrates a victory, only to find out Fakhruddin has plans of his own. Now with the octopus helping himself to the beers in the fridge, demanding his favourite TV channels, and whipping children around the backside at friendly barbecues, Elmo is no longer the man of the house.

Soon he’s lost his girlfriend, his reputation and maybe even his sanity, as he stumbles through drunken hallucinations. Attempting to claim it all back, Elmo is faced with the challenge of defeating the most evil man in town in a horrifying showdown.

Hilarious, grisly, self-aware and enjoyably wordy, Head’s latest book uncovers Elmo’s dark past and is in its own special way, perfectly Supercilious.