Gene Head Novellas

As Yet Unpublished Bite-Sized Fiction

The Orchard

Seeking Publication

In this picaresque fiction Gene Head uses the platform of the untouchable farmer’s daughter cliché’ to craft a tale of significant emotional impact, unearthing the power of denial in a character dominated by a lifestyle of instant gratification and alcohol addiction.

Unskilled labourer Elmo Brenner will relish over fine German symphonies, but on paper he’s a factotum in one menial job and out another. It’s business as usual then, when he lands fruit picking work on a North Queensland farm and Elmo fills his time outside Orchard duties with booze and mischief.

When his employer learns of his truck license, Elmo is instructed to haul yield cross-country. The pay raise is attractive, but he’ll be giving the farmer’s daughter a ride along, and she’s off limits. During a three-day road trip peppered with alcoholic mishaps and the odd bar fight, Elmo’s life spins from his control and by the time they make it to Central Australia, he’s had only a taste of what surreal nonsense lies in wait for his beer-soaked mind.

It seems Elmo has made it this far in life on luck, but now he’s about to discover a personal secret so dark; he must drink for weeks to face the horror.